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Finally! .. Web builds crafted to One-up & to professionally Steal eyes off your niche competition. Engineered to Generate INSANE amounts of leads more than you can humanly handle –even if– you are a startup or on a tight marketing budget!.  (Bold Claims? .. We are up to it!)  

300+ Sites designed

We've helped over 300+ Businesses & Agencies in the (UK/US/CA/AUS) cook a solid, super-identifiable web presence for their businesses on steam even in saturated niches with our proven "stand-out" recipe.

By | Amed Abraham

One-up & Double-up!

We don't present work that doesn't one-up your competition to say the least -even if their product or service is superior to yours, we know what to do to present you as 'Gold' & everyone else as less than silver -Guaranteed.

99% Blown away!

There is -literally- a 99% chance you'll be blown away -just like everyone else- with the immense, transformative value we present to your business. We don't just build websites, we holistically establish & develop your business online.

You'll stand out even on a budget -Guaranteed

The websites we present are always "Niche or Market-Research" based to ensure you shine above & steal eyes off your competition using proven time-tested formulas. Even if you are on a tight marketing budget, we'll present you as Gold!

Helps You insanely scale your business at no extra cost.

Most web services are Purely technical without any functional, business development aspects. We engineer sales-ready already infused with marketing principles to help you Grab, Hook & Convert leads 24/7 on autopilot without employees.

Optimized for 24/7 Selling
& Conversions

Websites Crafted with
Entreprenurship in mind!

No build or design is ever
hard or impossible for us

Covered by 110% Unmatched
Refund power-Guarantee

Websites crafted Based on
Niche/Market Research

Business Transformative
& Developmental

Our work will re-define
the word 'quality' for you.

All-in-One / Total
Online Business development

And ... The Problem!

◈ You know it’s too saturated out there nowadays in the online space. Everyone & their mother has gone online and perhaps you think it’s too competitive out there or maybe you think your overall web presence or service offering doesn’t stack up as much value as your competition because your business or service is less superior or bound by a tight marketing budget (more on our small-business supercharged standout recipe later!)

◈ You’ve probably been BURNED! by the unfulfilled promises from the colossal amount of the ‘so-called’ digital marketers who take all the time to talk about themselves, their years of experience, why you should hire them, and totally neglect to take the slightest bit of time to learn about Y.O.U personally, your business, your goals, the message & the edge of your business and how you want to position it in the eyes of people who run into it so that your whole web presence and every ounce of its existence is built around your core vision! 

Features, Features .. What's the benefit?

◈ You’ve been shopping around and everyone tries to grab you by cheap discounts, listing feature after feature with geeky, technical terms that you may not even know about and NO ONE talks about how they can actually benefit YOU! placing on your shoulder all the risk & the burden of decision making, paying & ‘hoping’ to get what you wish for and that it turns out to be what you hoped for. (more on our Unprecedented Power-Guarantee later!)

Duh .. NOT Just a 'website'!
Think you need 'just a website'? .. Think again!

◈ Imagine waking up to a Flood of messages & calls from people wanting to work with your business without you exerting any effort to pitch them! … Business opportunities -LITERALLY!- knock on your door & at your bed upon waking every single day! -That’s a level most web builders can’t set up because they choose to stay technical and not business or marketing oriented for profitable web builds for their clients.

◈ Your online business presence can truly be your gateway to scaling to 6-figures & beyond!. Why?
With its unlimited reach and being proximity-independent, there is so much traffic out there for your business more than you can possibly and humanly handle!.

◈ So, why do most websites & web businesses FAIL?
They are simply doing “Hope-Marketing”. They don’t have an optimized, systematic, predictable, scalable website-based system of attracting leads, qualifying them, converting them into sales (all done through a well-thought-out, sales-ready website) that sells for you 24/7 without exerting effort every again.

◈ The thing is… A Website is NOTHING … Traffic –and even– LEADS are NOTHING! if you don’t have a pre-set, optimized website with the right principles integrated into the architecture of your business website that takes visitors from ‘just looking around to actually taking action with you and choosing you over others they are Googling as well!

» Here's the  Kicker 
»You Don't Need a Website
nstead, You NEED ...
A sexy, well-dressed, super-powered salesperson
that works works 24/7 on autopilot for you!
And that is your Optimized & Developed 24/7 Web Presence we craft!
»The Untold


about the Web-Design Market that NO one will dare tell you!
Web designers will HATE me for this -Sorry!

Hi, this is Amed Abraham. A former pharmacist & an entrepreneur -who also happens to come from an artistic/creative background. I went from working in pharmaceutical sales in one of the biggest multi-national companies to venturing into starting my own passion-driven freelance design business to satisfy my creative urges. I then progressed into online business development, sales & marketing for an all-rounded, well-combined and holistic online business development & optimization approach.

I’ve helped well over 300+ businesses, marketers & agency owners in countries including the (UK, USA, Canada, and Australia) delivering over 4000+ orders to date since starting my freelancing & entrepreneurship career. It’s been quite a long journey and I’ve learned a lot of things the super hard way along the way and that’s the reason behind my rock solid confidence and unwavering conviction in the value of what I bring to the table and the transformative experience my team & I can add to your online business development. 

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I’ve helped over 300+ fellow Marketing Agencies, Marketers & Business owners of local businesses establish a highly identifiable, unique & solid online presence for their businesses that hook their potential customers and engages them enough for them to choose my clients over the competition with a secret formula I’ve seen working over and over again throughout the years. I’d love to add the same transformative value to your business and impact as many lives & businesses as I can with all my knowledge, skillset, and every fiber of my being. Let’s Grab Coffee Online & Chat!

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» Steal my 'Super-charged' Business-based web secrets
5 Insider Must Knows exposed!
For a killer, sales-ready, competition-murdering website
Sign-up to receive my ..
blueprint & bite sized videos